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Windows 8/How to delete the Broadband internet connection.


Hi sir, i have set up an internet connection in windows 8 through which i never connected to the internet,i used the usb modem's own software for the connection, then i installed avast 8, which started popping up this broadband connection which i made manually. Now i even uninstalled avast, but when ever i start windows this connection pops up, and it cannot connect to the internet too. i have tried netsh wlan delete profile..... thing but this connection still is there and i can't find any way to delete it from control panel stuff. if i cancel it, it still pops up and 6 or 7 times i have to cancel it then it stops popping up. What can i do to delete this connection.

Hello Basit how are you doing

in windows 8 start screen type in control panel and you should see control panel icon showing up , double click on it to open it

then when control panel opens under . change the view to large icons , then locate network and sharing center and click on it

network sharing center window will show up , on the left side you will see "change adapter settings" click it

locate the broadband connection from the list of adapters/connections available and then right click on it and choose delete

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime
have a good day.

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