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Windows 8/Installshield not working



I hope you can help me, Whenever I try install any games or software that uses installshield wizard the application starts and then does nothing, it stays at the beginning of installation and will not move, I have left it alone for over 12 hours and get no movement.

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue as it is really frustrating when trying to install anything.

Hello Gary
I haven't seen or heard of an issue like this before but we can try a couple of things

try to do the following
when you download the game or the software , right click on the installer " setup.exe or whatever its called" and choose run as an administrator , and see if that fixes the issue

other thing is check if User Access Control is disabled , re-enable by setting it to default it and reboot then try to install the software's
check this website to show you how to enable UAC

also if you can give me a link to one of the games or the softwares you are trying to install , I want to make sure that they are compatible with windows 8

also I need to know what windows 8 version you have is it windows 8 32/64bit or windows 8 RT?
you can do that by going to the desktop mode by clicking on the desktop tile on windows 8 start screen , then when you are in the desktop mode press the Windows Key + X a menu will show up , choose system from that menu and click it using your mouse , then under system type you will find if it windows RT or windows 32bit or 64bit

if you have windows RT then all the traditional windows applications will not work on it and you are stuck with the windows RT version of the application if available.

hope that helps and waiting for your reply
have a good day.

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