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Windows 8/Should I upgrade or use a different PC I already own?


QUESTION: Hello, I have a Notebook PC from 2007 with Windows XP Operating System.  What would be better, paying for and downloading Windows 8 to my PC from 2007, or using a Windows Vista Operating System PC I already own that is from 2009?

ANSWER: Hi Brigitte!

Vista is better than XP for a number of reasons, so a newer computer will probably be more powerful, as well as Vista being a more secure operating system (XP will be unsupported by Microsoft after the first of next year, opening it up to several security issues that will go unaddressed going forward).

You would want to be sure your system supports Windows 8 before purchasing it:

Feel free to follow up with any additional questions you might have.

Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello, and thank you very much for your answer.  But, I am still unclear.  Previously to posting my question in, I visited the Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8 Operating System on my PC from 2007 with the Windows XP Operating System.  Evidently, the PC with Windows XP Operating System can support Windows 8 Operating System, because the upgrade process said that there was a fee of $119.99 for Windows 8, and went to a screen for me to enter payment information.  I am asking which one is better, the older (2007) PC with Windows 8 loaded on it, or save the $119.99 and just use the 2009 PC with Windows Vista Operating System, which said will be supported until 2017. The older (2007) PC has photos and documents stored on it, which I found out in the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant could be saved with the upgrade.  Evidently, the 2007 PC is too old to support cloud storage, so I cannot save the photos and documents in cloud storage. Thank you very much for your assistance!  I am looking forward to your advice!

Well, without knowing the specifications/models of the computers in question, a newer computer will almost always be better than an old one (almost), so I'd need to know which two models we are talking about and how they are configured.

However, you won't be gaining much by installing Windows 8 on your old PC over what you get with your Vista computer, as far as typical, everyday features and overall performance.  You could even upgrade your new PC to Windows 8 ... it all depends on whether you want to continue using two PC's and whether or not one does everything you need it to do.

XP supports several cloud storage options (like Dropbox), but Microsoft's SkyDrive is not supported on XP (which is maybe what you were referring to), so you could use a different service.  

You could also just move your pictures to the newer PC (Is this why you are using two?), then repurpose or sell your old one.

Maybe you could help me understand why you need/want two computers (multiple family members, pictures, software, etc) and which computers you have so I can give you more relevant information.

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