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QUESTION: Do you know if there are any PC simulation games that will definitely work on a Windows 8 laptop? A lot of my games don't seem to work on it and this has been bugging me to no end. If there are some compatible games out there, how much will they probably cost?

ANSWER: Hello Danni,

thanks for your question and wish you a happy new year!

Well, first of all, please notice that Windows 8 is outdated, please update it to Windows 8.1 in the first place. 8.1 is like the Service Packs for older Windows versions:

It contains also updates for more software compatibility.

As for lists, there are tons when you google for them. E.g. here.

Also regarding the online playability of games using "Microsoft Games For Windows Live" you should know that the Games For Windows Live Marketplace has been shut off last year in August and the whole service will be shut down in July 2014, then such games could be affected e.g. for multiplayer online.

And you have to do a workaround to install it in Wiondows 8.1 :

As for laptops: not all support the mobility chipsets. of notebooks.

I do have this one:

And Dirt 3 works fine for me on Windows 8.1 X64

I hope this helps.
if you need any further info feel free to ask!

All the best!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So there are no games available for my operating system at all?

Okay, thanks for your help anyway. I wasn't aware of the Windows 8.1 update thing.

Hello again Danni.

I didn't say that. Windows 8 is so new (and 8.1 of course even newer) that mostly the question is which old games run on it. Of course new games will automatically work on Windows 8.1, too then.

Which those new games are, I don't know, I am no expert in new PC games. I would ask the PC Games section of AllExperts for that if I was at your place.

Hope this helps!

All the best!

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