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Hello Joerg,
A little while ago my retailer set up my computer so that I had the choice of which drive to access. One having Windows 8 on it an the other with Windows 7. I recently had a problem with a Trojan Horse virus , which messed up the Windows8 system. I will have to re-install Windows 8 on that drive no doubt.
Could you kindly give me some instruction on how to do this, as well as how to choose the drive to install it on, also how to choose which drive/system I will wish to access after the re-install?. many thanks and Best Regards.

Hello Kenneth!

Thanks for your question!

First of all you should do a backup image of both drives so you can revert in case anything fails. Do you know how to do this? I personally like driveimage xml

Then you delete the Windows folder of the Windows 8 drive adn then reinstall it using the install dvd. After you reinstalled Windows 8 please update it to Windows 8.1 in the first place. 8.1 is like the Service Packs for older Windows versions:

I hope this helps. If you need any detailed instuctions please let me know what is unclear to you and I will help you out.

Hope this helps!

All the best!

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