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Windows 8/8.1 will not install


hi..i have win 7 and bought a dvd to install win 8.1 so i put the dvd in and everything was fine, but when it gets to 57 per cent, it says the info from the cd rom to pc was stopped. this has gone on twice and no reason given for the stop. i dont want to do a clean install, unless it cant be avoided. any suggestion on how to put this 8.1 in without this aggravation? thank you!!

Hello James, thanks for your question.

so you are updating to windows 8.1. from windows 7.

DId you get the choices as in this article? what you need is the option " Windows settings, personal files, and app(lication)!"

If you get that option and it stops at 57 % as you described during upgrade, it may be that some device or problem is installed that is incoompatible with windows 8.1. and so has to  be removed before upgrading first.

To check this download and run the upgrade assistant first. it can be found and more description here:

hope this helps
if not, please describe what you tried and what exactly happens.
thanks in advance!
All the best!

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