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I am using windows 8.1 and on a home next work. I just have one other computer, a laptop, and it is using wifi. Deck top is hard wired. No problem with my laptop.
I am prevented from accessing the internet because my Proxy server not responding. I am hard wired to my modem and don't use a proxy. (I don't think I do)
I have gone into Internet options and connection tab and Unchecked the proxy settings. But it always comes back. Next I went into "Change pc settings" and turned no off proxy.
Still can't get on line. I hope you can help.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hello David.

thanks for your question.

If you do not have a proxy server (most people at home do not have a proxy server, it's a business thing), t hen maybe you have a firewall that blocks it.

You say it's hard wired to your modem. I hope this modem is a modem-router-combo?!
Because you shouldn't connect a computer directly to a modem. but also have a router in between that is like a hardware firewall to protect systems that are connected to  the internet connection.

Good guess is, maybe your firewall blocks you from a working internet connection. If you do not have a dedicated firewall or antivirus-firewall combo installed, check the firewall that is built into Windows 8.1

If that doesn't help, uninstall and reinstall the network card drivers . If windows doesn't come with them (in 90% of all cases they do), then download the drivers from another computer that has an internet connection and put them on an USB stick to transfer to the other PC.

Hope this helps.

Please tell me exactly what you did and the exact error message (because you didn't tell me any in your initial email)

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
All the best!

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Thank you for your response.
What I found after extensive searching was a program that I don't know where it came from. But if I remember correctly it said "Safe Surfing" or something to that effect. The funny thing is that I just installed this version of windows.
I uninstalled the program and it seems to be working now.
To answer your question, Yes I am wired into a router and I know it has it's own fire wall and I have a password protecting me from piggy backing.
I hope that windows 10 is better than this version.
Thanks again for your help. I am also on AllExperts in the Judo page.


Hello David!

Thanks for your reply and thanks for your details!

Actually, your problem has nothing to do with Windows 8.1 being bad or so, but the program you had was Spyware, spyware are useless programs that are sneaking into how and what you surf and purchase e.g. to sell it to advertisers and marketing companies, etc. As those programs go deep into your system, they sometimes break things.

To protect you from Spyware I suggest you use the free pogram Spyware - Seek and Destroy.
My whole family uses it with great successs (less toolbars and other crap too I would otherwise to uninstall the next time I come 9ver or via remote access :) ).

Hope this helps!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
All the best!

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