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I have a Asus q200e I bought less than a year ago.  It came with Win8.  Then it offered 8.1 update.  With that update the computer started freezing and crashing.  It also would not let me update.  I click on update and it freezes.
  I spent 2 days on the phone with Microsoft and they uninstalled and reinstalled 8.1 and it seemed OK for a little while.  Now it is back freezing and will not respond to updates.
  Is this common?  What can I do, the computer is no longer reliable.
   The only thing I noticed is that Asus has an Installation updater and maybe there is a conflict.  But I don't use that updater since the problems.

Hello Don
first I would run the asus update tool and see if there are any hardware/bios updates for your asus and install them

the asus update shouldn't be an issue as it looks for hardware drivers updates not windows updates
after you install and update your hardware reboot and see if your computer freezes or not

also you can try this

download this file and run it and and run thr troubleshooting on both windows update and background intelligent transfer service and fix any errors and reboot your computer and see if your windows updates is still freezing

other thing is try deleting the software distribution folder
you can do this by click windows key + R
in the run dialog type services.msc and then hit ok
stop the following services by right clicking on them and choose stop
background intelligent transfer service and windows update service

then goto c:\windows\ and delete the folder "software distribution"
then go back again to services.msc and start both service that we stopped
check your clock and time zone and make sure they both are correct and math your location and time zone

then run windows update

see if that stops the freezing

let me know if they both didn't fix your issue
if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime directly through or at
have a good day  

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