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I have a Asus q200e I bought less than a year ago.  It came with Win8.  Then it offered 8.1 update.  With that update the computer started freezing and crashing.  It also would not let me update.  I click on update and it freezes.
  I spent 2 days on the phone with Microsoft and they uninstalled and reinstalled 8.1 and it seemed OK for a little while.  Now it is back freezing and will not respond to updates.
  Is this common?  What can I do, the computer is no longer reliable.
   The only thing I noticed is that Asus has an Installation updater and maybe there is a conflict.  But I don't use that updater since the problems.

Hello Don, thanks for your question!

First of all, it was the right decision to update to Windows 8.1 as it features a lot of fixes and program updates, it's like the Service Pack of previous versions.

Your problem is probably related to non-fitting or outdated drivers that where rather designed for windows 8 than 8.1 or unreliable stock drivers.

I suggest you look for driverupdates using the freeware program Drivermax:

But bbefore I would check if the system wrote anything in the memory dumps of the crashes. It logs them, Those logs can be read in human readable form with the freeware tool BlueScreenView:

The tool works pretty simple. You can select the crash logs from the top and on the bottom half the red marked files are those that confliced. then you google those system file names to find out to what they belong to, and this way you know what caused the crash.

If it's a driver issue, use DriverMax then to update the drivers that caused the conflicts.

Hope this helps, please keep me posted on the progress!

All the best!

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