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QUESTION: I have Windows 8.1 on my two month old desktop computer and today it logged out of windows on its own. I started transfering a large video file from my computer to my phone and between 5 and 10 minutes it appears to have logged itself out. Don't know if it restarted. I've copied videos to my phone before using this computer. Just not as  large as 1.5gb. Is there any reason windows should log out on its own?


Additional answer to your comment you left just a few mins ago, which was :

"Comment - I think a downgrade to windows 7 is best until 8 becomes stable."

This is not true, Windows 8.1 is stable (and 8 as well) using it since first release. It's just a bug that appears to happen with some hardware combinations.

Instead of going through the hassle of downgrading to Windows 7, I suggest you try to the fix that I linked to.

And just by the way: Windows 8.1 Update one is just around the corner and being released in 4 weeks from now.

Hope this gives you a bit more insight.

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Hello James,

thanks for your question!

I have never seen the issue myself, but I found a possible fix for it after googling:

Hope this helps!
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QUESTION: I've already had two brand new computers with Windows 8 on it and they have the same issues of blue screening and restarting on their own again and again. The first was a gateway and this one is a Dell. I just got a "critical structure corruption" error the last time it restarted. I've already upgraded this one to 8.1. It is still nothing but trouble. All the professionals I've talked to in medicine and otherwise will not touch Windows 8 until it is a lot more predictable. I've only had this computer for 2 months and have done little more than consolidated my backups onto a portable hard drive.

Hello again James.

thanks for providing more info!

I looked into it and according to what I found, it's not a fault of Windows 8.1 per-se but by programs causing it. in general, blue screens are seldom a fault of Windows. Mostly caused by badly written device drivers or "software drivers".

In the case described here,

it was a program called "MacDrive" that caused the problem.

BlueScreens can be read out by using the program BlueScreenView, it tells you which system fles conflicted and caused the blue screen, this way by googling the file names you can find out which driver or program causes the problem.

Hope this helps! Please keep me posted!

Thanks in advance!

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