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Hi Joerg,

The new Dell Venue, and a few other tablets run Win8, or 8.1. Is there any difference in the tablet ed. Windows OS & the full desk/laptop OS ed.?

I'm mainly concerned about the USB port. Most all have of these Windows-based tablets jave one (USB 2.0) port - some are the mini-USB (which I hope I could use a mini-to-full-size adapter. But is the USB port on these tablets powerful enough to run, say, a 1TB, USB-charged-only, ext. hdd? What about an ext hdd that's also A.C.-charged?

Same with a 4-port usb hub - would it run either usb-only-powered, or an A.C-powered hub?

Would it be powerful enough, if I had itunes installed on the tablet, to sync/backup/etc.. my ipad??

And last, do you know if I could boot into a Linux live-distro (on a thumb-drive) on one of these tablets?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Kirk!

Thanks for your question. The tablet edition of Windows 8.1 aka Windows RT can only handle mobile applications NO Windows Desktop applications. See :
Hence no iTunes would ever run on Windows RT.
So, the USB power question is not applying here.

Windows 8.1 however can run both, RT applications and Desktop applications.
I don't know if any tablet would run a HDD, I honestly doubt it. Tablets either allow extending external storage by a SD card slot or none at all (iPad). (Except maybe if it runs full Windows 8.1 not the RT edition)

You can run Android (Linux based mobile OS) on Windows tablets if you spend 1 minute on googling fgor it. Me e.g. found this:

Hope this helps!
All the best!

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