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  In Dec. I purchased a Asus q200e notebook.  It had Win8 on it.  Then I was notified I could upgrade to Win8.1 for free.  Since upgrading the computer constantly freezes.
   I called Microsoft and they said it was Asus' fault and I had to call them.  I called Asus and after 3 days on the phone and finding that the Win 8.1 can't be fixed and holding f9 down the recovery is not working.  I have a Win 8 USB stick and it won't boot to it but I got it running in desktop.  It asks for a activation key.  Asus won't provide one, they say it is embedded on motherboard and they won't give it to me.  Asus says they will look at it if I provide shipping.  NO THANKS GUYS

ANSWER: Hello Ken

thanks for your question

well, about the freezing issue:

BlueScreens can be read out by using the program BlueScreenView, it tells you which system fles conflicted and caused the blue screen, this way by googling the file names you can find out which driver or program causes the problem.

About the Windows 8 key, it should be on a sticker on the bottom of the notebook, and if not they have to provide you with the key!

Hope this helps! Please keep me posted!

Thanks in advance!

All the best!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again,
  It doesn't bluescreen, it just freezes on the screen at various times and programs.  It gives no advice except when I press F8 it says that the system has encountered a bad error.  It doesn't offer to fix or to restore.  I looked into My computer and there is only one partition, the C partition and it doesn't have a recovery partition.  There is a Win8 sticker on the bottom of the laptop but no license number.  Acer said they wouldn't give the number out but I found a program that can find it and I found it.  Unfortunately the  Win8 usb will not accept the number.  So I don't know what to do.

Hello Ken.

Thanks for your follow-up. I suggest wait till the 8th of April (so in 4 days), then Windows 8.1 Update 1 is released, this exchanges a lot of system files and fixes a lot of errors, maybe also yours.

If that doesn't help then use the tool as I suggested in my previous reply !

Please let me know when you tried with the Update 1 (and if not with the bluescreenview tool) if it helped.

All the best!

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