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  I run Win 8.1 on a Lenovo Ideacentre.  The last 2 days the computer won't connect to the Internet. The Internet provider says it is connecting; its a software problem.  Lenovo had me boot up in safe mode and the internet does work that way.  They said they would charge me $179 to troubleshoot why it won't connect either because of virus, or software malfunction.  Can you tell me if there is something I can do before spending the money?

Hello Dan!

Thanks for your question!

I took it from the pool as others weren't sure how to answer.

well, it could be basically anything, like a firewall installed on your computer that is wrongly configured and so blocks your internet. Of course Lenovo will charge you for that as it's not their fault and not covered by warranty. It's like nobody repairs your TV just because you don't know how to store the program channels in it to watch. In this case, it's always a good idea to get an introduction to the basics of PC usage and troubleshooting by somebody who knows.

So as said above, first I would check the firewall thing. THen if that is sorted out, use a rescue cd for malware scanning such as :

Another thing you could do is manually download Windows 8.1 Update 1 (it's like a service pack for windows), and install it manually. It exchanges so many system files it may maybe automagically autofix your issue.

In worst case I would ask a computer expert friend to check it out for you. The very last resort would be reinstalling the whole computer from scratch.

Hope this helps!
All the best!

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