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Hi,  Sorry to bother you again.  I really have problems with my Asus q200e.  The hard drive went bad.  I bought another from amazon from someone who has same computer but went with a ssd card drive.  She didn't erase it and I tried my backup restore usb, another restore usb that did boot up and said "the windows license does not match" and 2 windows 8.1 enterprise disks that did not boot up.  
  I spoke with girl and she gave me her password and I can work the computer but it is her stuff.  I tried holding f9 down on restart to erase hard drive and keep her 8.l but it always boots up to her start screen.  I was on phone with Microsoft and Asus for days trying to get them to give me my license number but they key saying that it is on motherboard and they won't give it.
  I don't know what to do now.  It will work with her password and stuff but that's not the best way to go.  I would want to clear out her stuff and set up computer in my account.  Failing that I would like to reinstall Win8.l.  But I am afraid of messing it up even more if I do the wrong thing.
  Can you offer any advice?

Hello Don,

thanks for your question!

Number 1) Always do backups (disk images) of your ocmputer systems! So if they fail you can simply restore your data

2) Hard disks should always be erased before selling with low-level format and/or the tools that allow secure erase.

You cannot erase HDDs using F9,  I suggest you download the ultimate boot CD and use Parted Magic to remove the partitions on the disk:

Now, let me ask you. If the key is stored in the motherbaord, why the worry? You can simply download OEM CD of Windows 8.1  (or get a copy from somewhere as long as you have the key and nobody sells you a copy, you are safe), ask a friend with a Windows 8 key to download the Windows 8.1 ISO for you: and once you install the new copy, it will find the key on the motherboard (i.e. the BIOS) and skip the part where it asks to insert the key

If that doesn't work, you can directly read the key from the motherboard's BIOS!!!!!!
See here:

This took me 5 mins of googling to find out both facts. So I don't know why you go through so much hassle (however it could have been avoided doing backups in the first place!!).

Please let me know about your progress! Good luck! I am standing by and looking forward to  hear your updates!

All the best!

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