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Windows 8/Dedicated video memory 0mb, system video memory 0mb, Is my intel and nvidia graphic cards are not working ??


System configuration : hp model - 15-r014tx, i5, 4gb ram, 2gb NVidia, intel graphic adapter, windows 8.1.

When I right click desktop > screen resolution > advance setting. It shows following information.
Intel(R) HD graphic adapter Information:
Total Available graphic memory - 1792 mb
Dedicated video memory - 0 mb
system video memory - 0 mb
shared system memory - 1792 mb

But when i give command "dxdiag" in run, it shows following:

Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Display Memory: 4008 MB
Dedicated Memory: 1994 MB
Shared Memory: 2013 MB

So my questions is that is my intel graphic cards not working properly ?? and also want to check is my NVidia graphic card is working good ??

Hello Shanky!

Thanks for your question!

I suggest you try to download and use DriverMax to install the correct/updated drivers and see if that works for you.

Keep in mind that the freeware version allows only 2 driver downloads within 24h.

You have mentioned that you use an on-board intel graphics card and a dedicated NVidia graphics card.

Important here is to install the correct drivers so you should get to know the correct model numbers of both cards. DriverMax should be able to find them for you and auto detect them.

Please let me know whether that helped.

All the best!

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