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I have Windows 8.1 on one of my computers and backup my stuff on portable hard drives but have noticed after a while it just stops copying my stuff over. Win 7 hasn't had this issue. It seems I have to copy individual folders so the chunks of data aren't as large and even than for some reason the number of files and total storage size isn't quite equal. Anyway to keep it from freezing up before it has finished?

Hello James!

Thanks for your question!

This sounds like a serious question!

Be sure you make a backup first of your data!

Then check the following:

1) Exchange the external connection cable to check whether that is broken
2) Does it happen on Windows 8.1 AND Windows 7? If it doesn't update the driver for the controller of the windows where it stopped working. use the free version of DriverMax.
3) If it does happen on both windows and exchanging cable did not help, use the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test. It can be found on the Ultimate Boot CD e.g.:

Hope this helps! Please keep me posted and let me know!

Thanks in advance!

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