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sometimes when I type the letters are written in capital letters without I select the capital key on,

if i select a folder in explorer all folders are being selected

if i open one link in for internet it is being open in a new windows

I'm running windows 8.1 and don't have any anti virus software

Please suggest me solution to this problem

Hello Kirupairajah

Happy New Year and Thanks for the question.

First of all, something very important: Never ever use a PC without any antivirus software installed! It could be very likely that you are infected with a virus, your PC acting weird as you describe it is a sign of it!

Burn an antivirus boot CD and do a scan. Burn it on a PC that is with antivirus and not infected!

You can get more info about the Comodo Rescue CD and how to burn it here:

Antivirus programs are available in many flavors, many of them are free, so there is NO EXCUSE for not using any antivirus program!

I'm using e.g. the Free Commodo Internet Security Suite, it even includes a firewall!:

Hope this helps!
All the best!

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