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For college, my wife recently got a new Dell laptop with Windows 8. She has to submit papers online, but when she tries, a pop-up tells her it doesn't recognize her Outlook profile. When we open her user account, it shows her regular Yahoo email as the user but doesn't recognize the password she created when she set up the computer. We did manage to pdf her paper last night to her instructor, but that removes all the formatting. My hat's off to you for using Windows 8, but it may be the worst OS I have ever seen (of course, I don't think they've ever improved over Windows 98 and its drop down menus).

We tried to follow 'help' instructions last night, but although our pathways were mostly close to what the instructions said, everything was not dead-on the same. Ultimately, yours truly changed her password exactly - as prompted- in an attempt to create a new user account that could maybe allow her to upload her assignments, but today she can't access her user account even though it was a simple password and seemed fine at the time.

Hello Patrick,
thanks for your question.

I have taken it from the question pool as nobody else answered it before.

First of all, your problem has zero to do with Windows 8 itself.

It's just a wrong configuration.

Probably just a typo in the password or the Windows firewall accidentally set to block outlook. In this case I suggest using the free version of spinx firewall control program, it allows you to see which program may access what, etc etc.

Also it may help if it's really a wrong password issue, to reset the password:

Hope this helps you out.
All the best!

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