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Hi. I simply wanted to know about two things if I may.

I have a Toshiba AMD Windows 8.1 laptop and always turn it off at the end of the day when I finish using it. Should that be done or should it ALWAYS remain on regardless?

Secondly, I would like to know what the optimal temperature for my laptop should be? It usually registers from about 87 - 93 degrees F.

Thank you for your time and answer!

Hello Tef,

thanks for your question!

As you can imagine, computers are used in every place of the world, from Africa to Antarctica, so they can handle a lot. Usually they have temperature sensors in it and automatics that switch them off if getting too hot.

Of course the ideal operating temperature would be room temperature. Let's say 21C is feeling comfortable for you`? Then it also does for your computer. If you have a hot summer day at 36C then you will sweat, and so will the fans for the laptop boost up to cool down.

Despite the name "Laptop", never put it on your lap, because for one it will block the ventilation slots of your laptop and burn your legs.

Also  many laptops allow you to use air pressure spray and free the fans from dust inside the computer from time to time.

If you google around you find places where a lot of people ask that question, many go by "maximum allowed temperature" but would you really like a computer that has 105-150C? Rather not.

The answer from "Matt Smith" here is the correct one:

I have had the same issue 2 years ago when I started with editing videos I've recorded via Skype on my desktop computer. Encoding the videos put the CPU under so much load that it reached sometime 90C which is when the PC shuts down to prevent permanent damage.

I suggest running the free program "SpeedFan", it monitors your PC and warns you if the temperature raises too high.

I have done a sceenshot of my PC 2 years ago  when mine went too hot. I want to share it with you:

SpeedFan can be downloaded for free here:

And yes, I also shut down my computers after using them :)

Hope this helps!
All the best!

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