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Please, my system is slow i dont know what to do. Help me Please. Window 8.1 operating sys. Thanks.

Hi Buba,
Their could be a few things going on. The most likely cause is your system is "gunked" up with junk files and possibly malware. What we recommend is to download, install, update where necessary and run the following programs in the provided order and remove everything they find. This is a long process so do this when you have time. We recommend starting one scan then, after start a scan before leaving for work or going to bed. Do not run all scans at one time they must be done individually.

1. CCleaner (
2. Spybot Search and Destroy (
3. Malwarebytes (
4. Your already installed antivirus. If you do not have one we recommend AVG ( Make sure you do not already have one as you cannot run more than one antivirus on a system.

These steps should significantly speed up your system. If they do not please do not hesitate to ask a follow up question and we will provide more trouble shooting steps.

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