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Do you know how to remove the password at boot up so I don't have to type it in every time I cut the computer on?

Hi Lynwood,
I awesome you are reviewing to Windows 10 as that is what you have in the subject.

The best way to handle this is to:
1) Press hold the Windows key (the one with the Windows logo on in the lower left corner of your keyboard), then hit the 'R' key
2) Type netplwiz in the box and hit enter
3) Click the user account you want to always be used
4) Remove the check in the box beside 'Users must enter a username and password to use this computer'
5) Click on Apply
6) Enter you password
7) Confirm your password by entering it into the second box
8) Click Ok
9) Click Ok

Your account will still be password protected, but you will no longer need to enter your password again.

You may need to repeat these steps from time to time as it seems as Windows or updates resets this option to the default, (box checked)

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