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Windows 8/Graphics Memory Showing 0mb


I've recently installed Windows 8 on a new partition and my default is is window7..
When I saw my video memory on Windows 8,it is showing 0mb(dedic. & shared ) but in window 7,it shows 2036mb(512 dedic. & 1524 shared).....

I've Amd radeon HD 6480G graphics card & driver installed latest...

What should I do now??

Hello there.

Thanks for your question!

Does the graphic card work fine despite that? It could be a detection error in the driver for the memory available, then I doubt anything could be done about it. If it works, then I wouldn't worry.

(If it was broken totally you wouldn't even get a picture when having booted up Windows 8.1 as Wudnows needs memory to work)

Hope this gave you some insight

All the best!

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