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QUESTION: I have Windows 8.1 on my Dell computer and it has always had an issue where sometimes it has the "issues" window saying my antivirus software isn't on. I click turn it on and it doesn't appear to do anything and remains saying off. I open the antivirus software and it appears to be fully functional and everything there is on. Most days the issues box doesn't indicate anything but ever since I changed things to bipass the password login it has been popping up daily. Is this a common miscommunication with Windows 8?

ANSWER: Hello James!

Thanks for your question!

On stock commputers bought from stores, usually the security softwares coming with them are time limited and then stop working right, the solution I prefer personally is, using a free security package like Comodoo free internet security :

I would uninstall what you currently use and maybe try what I've suggested to you.

All the best!

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QUESTION: I purchased my computer directly from Dell and use a higher end antivirus software plus malewarebytes. I am just curious why Windows sometimes believes the software isn't on when it clearly is?

Hello again James and thanks for the update.

Well, in this case the software doesn't report it correctly to the API (Application Programming Interface) of Windows that polls that information from the installed software) or there is a delay in response which leads to a timeout.

(Let's assume you are waiting at a bus stop, but you give up waiting after 10 minutes of waiting. By the time you are gone, the bus arrived, but it's in vain as you are already gone).

Hope this helps!
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