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Windows 8/windows 8 replacing on new hard drive


Hi,  I have a gateway computer that had windows 8 on it.  The hard drive crashed.  I put in a new hard drive but I have no disks and there is no license number on the computer.  I have a Windows 8 disk from another computer but how will it get through the license check?

Hi Dan!

The license key for systems that shipped with Windows 8.x is found in the BIOS. Windows 8 will "usually" pick this up during the install and activate, but there are several scenarios where it doesn't work properly.

If it doesn't activate automatically, try using RWEverything (ACPI, MSDM) to read the key from the BIOS to activate manually.

If it gives you a message after booting to the OS disk about the key not matching or being invalid, you need to add/alter the installation. See this article for help:

If you have any other questions, feel free to follow up.

Good luck!

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