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Windows 8/Windows 8.1 - recommended maintenance tasks


I recently bought an Acer laptop/tablet with Windows 8.1.  I see I have Automatic Maintenance enabled.  What does this do?  I also see where defragmentation runs automatically as well.  I need to know what maintenance tasks I need to run manually to keep my system optimized.

I see under the disc cleanup where that not all boxes are checked.  Why would this be?

Also I am using windows defender.

Amy help you can provide will be helpful.


Hello John

thanks for your question!

I have taken it from the question pool as others didn't know how to answer.

What Automatic Mainteance means can be read here:

I would not use Windows Defender, it almost finds no viruses and stuff.

I personally use this one

it has firewall, antivirus included. I am just no fan of its sandbox feature, so I always disable that.

Against spyware and such I use Spybot:

Defrag is not really neccessary anymore, as the hard disk controllers can handle it by themselves already. If you don't have a hard disk but a SSD (Solid State Disk) so a flash memory based drive like many notebooks laptops or tablets nowdays, defraging is even bad as this unneccessary read and write processes shorten the lifetime of the SSD, in this case I suggest however to optimize your windows for SSD usage with this free tool:

Hope this helps!
All the best!

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