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QUESTION: I have a recurring problem with my laptop rebooting at rendom times, I get the BSOD with the message " your pc has a problem and needs to shut down" it does so after 30 seconds, I also have the information displayed "system_thread_not_handled" and you may search online for atikmdag,can't remember the rest.
I returned the laptop the first time this happened, Toshiba told me it was a software update that was needed. I have checked via windows update and non are available.
the following is my system information if it helps.

OS Name   Microsoft Windows 8.1
Version   6.3.9600 Build 9600
Other OS Description    Not Available
OS Manufacturer   Microsoft Corporation
System Name   TREVORS
System Manufacturer   TOSHIBA
System Model   SATELLITE L50D-B
System Type   x64-based PC
System SKU   123456789
Processor   AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics, 2000 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date   Insyde Corp. 1.60, 11/12/2014
SMBIOS Version   2.8
Embedded Controller Version   1.40
BaseBoard Manufacturer   AMD
BaseBoard Model   Not Available
BaseBoard Name   Base Board
Platform Role   Mobile
Secure Boot State   On
PCR7 Configuration   Binding Not Possible
Windows Directory   C:Windows
System Directory   C:Windowssystem32
Boot Device   DeviceHarddiskVolume2
Locale   United Kingdom
Hardware Abstraction Layer   Version = "6.3.9600.17196"
Username   trevorsTREVORS   revor
Time Zone   GMT Summer Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM)   8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory   6.96 GB
Available Physical Memory   5.09 GB
Total Virtual Memory   14.0 GB
Available Virtual Memory   11.8 GB
Page File Space   7.00 GB
Page File   C:pagefile.sys
Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions   Yes
Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions   Yes
Hyper-V - Virtualisation Enabled in Firmware   Yes
Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection   Yes.
any otheronfo you need please ask, I will do my best to supply it.

ANSWER: Hello james

Tahnks for your question!

I have taken it out of the pool as the other experts didn't know how to answer.

I am very well aware of your issue and there is a freeware tool that encodes the blue scren messages for you that are generated out of a memory dump when they appear. they then display which system files are affected. if you google for them you can find out which drivers or programs they belong to and so know what is causing the problem and fix it.

If you need any further help please let me know and I will do my best to help you further.
PLease describe then the exact issue you have with using the program

Thanks in advance!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Joerg. The nirsoft blue screen view has indeed given the information you indicated, but I have no ideawhat to do with it, or which partto google for the dump files.
082415-66937-01.dmp   24/08/2015 18:35:12   SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED   0x1000007e   ffffffff`c0000005   fffff801`5c8d91db   ffffd000`645561b8   ffffd000`645559c0   atikmdag.sys   atikmdag.sys+12458f          x64   atikmdag.sys+c51db          C:\Windows\Minidump\082415-66937-01.dmp   4   15   9600   281,624   24/08/2015 18:37:01   
082315-66656-01.dmp   23/08/2015 22:19:24   SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED   0x1000007e   ffffffff`c0000005   fffff800`6eb5b1db   ffffd001`103fe1b8   ffffd001`103fd9c0   atikmdag.sys   atikmdag.sys+12458f          x64   atikmdag.sys+c51db          C:\Windows\Minidump\082315-66656-01.dmp   4   15   9600   281,624   23/08/2015 22:21:24   
082015-69843-01.dmp   20/08/2015 17:46:35   SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED   0x1000007e   ffffffff`c0000005   fffff800`c13541db   ffffd001`581061b8   ffffd001`581059c0   atikmdag.sys   atikmdag.sys+12458f          x64   atikmdag.sys+c51db          C:\Windows\Minidump\082015-69843-01.dmp   4   15   9600   281,624   20/08/2015 17:48:36   
information is only useful if you know what it means, anf I am sorry but its meaningless to me.
I hope you can interpret it for me.
Thanks again for your help.

Hello again!

The red marked info is the one you have to keep an eye on. As that means there was conflic. goofle such files then.

Hope this helps!

If not, please supply a screenshot.

A simple copy and paste is too crowded and unreadable as it misses the formatting.

All the best!

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