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Hi, my win8 computer came up with the upgrade to win10 download. I clicked OK and it spent a lot of time downloading it. When I came home the computer was off and I pushed on and it comes up with a blue page  saying Recovery your PC needs repaired  error code Oxc0000225.  I tried putting in win8 recovery disk and memory stick win8 and nothing works it just comes back to that screen over and over.

This notebook is an Asus X205ta and I bought it in Feb. I am afraid if I call Asus they will say it is Microsoft's problem and if I contact Microsoft they will say it is an Asus defect. What can I do?

Hi Dan,
You will need to repair Windows using either 8 or 8.1 installation media (either DVD or thumb drive). If a repair fails you will need to reinstall Windows 8/8.1 and proceed with the Windows 10 upgrade after word.

Most computers today are set to automatically boot from the hard drive. This can be overridden. Each manufacturer is different on how the override process occurs. On HP computers for example, press F8 on Dells it is F12.

Beginning with Windows 8 it takes a specially prepared media, UEFI, to install Windows. Following the directions in the link below should help you create the media. If not you can also use Rufus, this is method we use.

If you choose to go the Rufus route Rufus can be downloaded here

As soon as you turn on the computer start repeatedly pressing the boot up override key, you have to be quick. The computer will display all available bootable options. If you will be using a thumb drive insert it into the USB port before turning on the computer or it will not be available as an option.

I realize this may be confusing, if anything is not clear please do not hesitate to ask us a follow up question.

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