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Do you use free anti-virus and malware software that is on the internet today or do you pay for it? If you use the free products or pay for them on the net who do you go with?

I currently have windows 8.1

I use to have windows 8. Now that I have windows 8.1 after the installation windows was asking me then to download and install windows 10. That's strange. What ever happened to windows 8.2 through 9.9?

At the moment I'm using Microsoft windows defender. It says it will protect me from the latest viruses and malware, but it's annoying how the software keeps expects me to keep manually updating it every few hours or at least every day.

How often do you download and install windows updates?

Hi Sterling,
I apologize for the slow response, I have been out of town and had car troubles returning.

Free anti-virus offers the bear minimum protection. Some may only protect you from viruses and not much else. Some paid AV software offers identity protection, web protection, anti-spam and a software firewall to name a few additional features that may be offered. I recommend and sell AVG anti-virus products. I do not recommend MacAfee anti-virus, Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus or Norton anti-virus all for different reasons.

In today's online world you should not only have an anti-virus but an anti-malware as well. Some companies claim to be able to do both but in reality are better detecting one and weaker detecting the other, the difference is usually significant. I personally do not think it is a good idea to rely on one program to keep you safe online, putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak. I recommend and sell Malwarebytes. I do not recommend Microsoft’s Windows Defender.

The free versions of anti-virus such as AVG should provide adequate protection if all you do is send a few emails and surf the internet at home. However if you go to WiFi cafes such as Star Bucks or other public locations or even a friend’s house and access the internet I highly recommend buying an anti-virus with identity protection, a firewall and web protection. AVG Internet Security is very good.

One major difference between free anti-virus and anti-malware programs is free anti-virus programs provide minimal real time protection, free versions of anti-malware programs such as Malwarebytes, offer no real time protection. The free version of Malwarebytes and other anti-malware programs can be used to remove malware already on your system. You will need to purchase the paid version of programs such as Malwarebytes in order to get real time protection.

Whatever you do make sure to never install more than one anti-virus and one anti-malware program. Installing more than one does not offer additional protect and could be just as bad as not having anything installed.

Definition updates should be regularly downloaded, perhaps not hourly, but could be several times a day depending on the number of new threats found on any given day. The default for AVG is to "Run Automatically". In other words whenever a new update is issued it is automatically installed, program updates are run once a day. There is no user actions required to update either AVG or Malwarebytes, they both automatically happen. No anti-virus or anti-malware with real time protection running should ever require user actions (other than a reboot) in order to complete an update. If this were the case, most people’s security programs would be woefully out of date. Some however may notify you that it is out of date once they have been restarted after being off the internet for a while.

Windows 8.1 is the latest version of Windows 8. Microsoft will continue to release updates for it until January 10, 2023 (this date may change in the distant future). However their will most likely not be a Windows 8.2, highly doubtful that there will be.

Windows 10 is the latest (and supposedly the greatest, jury is still out on that) version of Windows. It was released on July 29. There will be no Windows version 9. Microsoft felt that there was so much “improvement” post Windows 8.1 that they believed that skipping a version was warranted.

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