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Hi Joerg

Do you use free anti-virus and malware software that is on the internet today or do you pay for it? If you use the free products or pay for them on the net who do you go with?

I currently have windows 8.1

I use to have windows 8. Now that I have windows 8.1 after the installation windows was asking me then to download and install windows 10. That's strange. What ever happened to windows 8.2 through 9.9?

At the moment I'm using Microsoft windows defender. It says it will protect me from the latest viruses and malware, but it's annoying how the software keeps expects me to keep manually updating it every few hours or at least every day.

How often do you download and install windows updates?

Hello Sterling!

Thanks for your questions!

A) Why there is no Windows 9:
Because it would cause misdetection because of Windows 95/98 . That is why Microsoft had to skip WIndows 9 for technical reasons.

B) Naming of big service packs:
...has been changed with Windows 8.
Instead of Service Packs, they called it "Update 1, Update 2 and Windows 8.1).

C) Defender is not really good at all, as the detection rate is below average. I am using Spybot - Seek and Destroy and "Comodo Internet Security Pro Free version."
Which also answers your question whether I am paying for security software - I don't.

That a security software updates definitions daily is very good, only this way you can be protected against many viruses, worms, trojans, etc.

D) How often I install updates:

I install Windows, and application updates as soon as they come out, only this way I am protected against security flaws!

For keeping my applications up to date, I am using "Filehippo App Manager".

Hope this helps!
If you have any further questions, ask in a follow-up! :)

All the best!

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