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QUESTION: Hello Joerg. I am having wireless CCTV cameras installed which I can connect to via my cell phone or tablet. Or through a browser/software on my computer. They will also alert through email too. But I wondered if there was a way of putting my main computer to "sleep" and for it to turn on if the cameras sensors are tripped to start recording etc. It's a long question I know but I am just trying to get a bit clued up before they are installed.
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ANSWER: Hello Robert!

Thanks for your question!

Yes, if your camera is connected via LAN to your network. If your router support Wake On Lan, you can setup which device in the network can send WoL packages to the LAN port of your computer.

Of course, also your BIOS needs to have support for Wake-On-Lan.

So all 3 devices in the row need to support it:

1) Your computer (BIOS).
2) Your router
3) Your camera.

Hope this helps!
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QUESTION: Thank you joerg. Can I just clarify that that would work if the cameras were connected to the home network/router wireless lyrics?
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The WOL protocol supports WOWLAN too (Wake-On-WLAN). See for details.

But the router has to support it.
and the WLAN connection has to be permanent to the router or the router needs to remember the MAC address and IP address all the time. (Which rules out DHCP - so you need to set your camera to a fixed IP address assigned by the router).

The alternative firmware DD-WRT is known to support WOWLAN.

Googling for it, this was suggested, but no gurantee from my side of course that it would work!

Hope this helps!
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