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My windows 10 computer (Dell) will not stay asleep or stay in hibernation mode.  I've gone into the devices and the only thing left that can wake up the computer is the keyboard.  I've tried to identify which program might be waking it up but no luck.  It didn't used to do this and seems to have done this since the last automatic upgrade.  The computer wakes up, stays on for 30 minutes then hibernates, then wakes up again; this happens all day and night.  I would love a small program that could keep it shut down, but don't see anything like that.  Any thoughts?

Hello Don,

thanks for your question, I have taken it from the question pool.

Well, such problems are quite common as when WIndows 10 was released many manufacturers didn't release new drivers in time. I suggest using the free Drivermax program, it allows to update drivers. 2 drivers per 24h are free in the freeware version:

Hope this helps, please let me know!
Thanks in advance!

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