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windows inspiron15.was gemputer and it was doing its updates,then shut back on next night and now facebook wont open normally.cant play games...cant see friends....nothing.i wanted to delete facebook and reinstall do I uninstall face book to try.did restore didn't help.only box that came up was...unhandled exception in managed code snap in...CLSID:FX{bo5566ad-fe9c-4363-beo5-7a4cbb7cb510}....also said mmc could not create snap in.....can you help please

Hi Bruce,
On computers Facebook is not installed as it is on phones and tablets. Facebooks on computers is nothing more than a website.

You may need to clear the Internet cache for the web browser you are using. Let me know what web browser you are using and I will explain how to clear the cache for that browser.

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