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I have somewhat of an odd problem. I have my screen saver set to come on after a minute and to go into power save mode after 5 minutes. Starting yesterday, when my monitor goes into power save mode, the monitor starts back up. As an experiment, I set my computer to go into power save mode after 3 minutes (and it does), but 2 minutes later, it comes out of power save mode even with no interaction from the mouse or keyboard. The only thing that's changed since yesterday is that I uninstalled and reinstalled Google Chrome. I've checked everything I can think of, but can't find anything wrong. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.

Hi David,
Scan your computer for malware using Spybot Search and destroy (, Malwarebytes ( an the installed anti-virus software. Make sure to update each program before updating them. Also use Ccleaner ( to remove junk files such as internet cache and temporary files.

Also make sure that their are no stuck keys on your keyboard, and that the trackpad is clean and nothing is holding or sticking the buttons down.

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