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I've decided to take up a little collection of the Windows event sounds from Windows 3.0 to present. I was wondering if anyone knew the names of the wav files so I can be sure I am organizing them into the right folders? I think if nobody can remember the other changes Windows has made over the years (good and horribly bad) they might at least remember the sounds it makes when perforuming normal tasks.

This is not something I know by hand. Most, if not all Windows operating systems, names the sound files generally the same. If you go to C:\WINDOWS\Media\, you will find the files/folders of the sounds and their names. If you have extra themes of sounds, they will be located in the same folders, but they usually have a root name for its theme or operating system. For example, Windows XP has its sounds named "Windows XP Exclamation.wav", "Windows XP Ding.wav", etc. Windows Vista and 7 use the same sounds, so those sounds aren't really needed twice. Then Windows 3.0, Windows 95, and Windows 98 FE and SE share most of the same sounds, but use them for slightly different functions. The tada.wav file is used for the startup/shutdown of the earlier Windows operating systems, while in say Windows 98 SE, the tada.wav file is used for a different sound while there is a new startup sound.

As for directly finding out Windows startup sounds by OS, here you go. A blast to the past, and even some you may not have known about.

Windows 95/98

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