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Here's another one for you.
I have a WIN 98 OS. At the bottom of the Desktop is a bar which contains the "start" button, a line of shortcut buttons, a window displaying the title of the current display, a series of buttons for available programs, and a clock. ("Task Bar"?). When a program is initiated, a second bar appears just above the first. If using the browser, on the left is the browser icon, followed by a running tally of what is being downloaded, a "progress bar" indicating how far along the downloading has progressed, again a window displaying the title of the current display, plus several other "windows" most of which are blank. I do not know what to call this bar. Recently, while using a version of Firefox, I apparently accidentally bumped something on the keyboard, and the second bar has now disappeared. I assume it has been displaced "behind" the Task Bar, but I can't seem to "retrieve" it. Can you help?

ANSWER: Hi Dave,

Can you take a screenshot and show me what is missing? I assume this is identical to the first bar.


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Explorer Screen
Explorer Screen  

Firefox Screen
Firefox Screen  
QUESTION: Here are - literally - screen shots.
1002 shows the bottom of the screen when Explorer is opened. Note the bar with the Explorer Icon on the left above the "Task Bar".
1003 shows the bottom of the screen when Firefox is opened. Note there is no bar with the Foxfire icon to be seen. There used to be such a bar until I somehow "bumped" something on the keyboard one day. I don't know what I did, but the Foxfire Icon bar disappeared. Everything works OK, except I don't get the running information the second bar provided.
How do I get it back?

Hi Dave,

That's perfect. That explains it clearly :)

Your status bar is missing and that should be a quick fix. Please take a look at:

The first or second reply should solve your issue.

Let me know if you still need any further help.


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