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  I have an HP Pavillion 1340n that has vista.  The hard drive has blue screened a few times and is quirky.  The problem is that the computer didn't come with install disks, just recovery partition.  So if I buy a new hard drive I don't have windows.  The ocmputer isn't worth spending big bucks for windows.  Is there a way I can copy the recovery portion of the old hard drive, copy it into the new hard drive and run the windows vista install from there?

Hi Don,

Are you sure the blue screen is from the hard drive though? There can be other reasons why you get a blue screen. If you are sure or just want to give it a try, you can use CloneZilla and see if it will do a direct copy of the entire hard drive:

It's open source so it's free. I have not used it before though since I'm more use to using Norton Ghost or Acronis TrueImage both of which are not free.

Since you don't have the install disc, I would try to contact HP and see if they can send you the recovery discs. There might be a small fee involved but well worth it if you intend to keep using Vista.


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