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I have been told that if the hard drive is more than 85% full, that that means that the PC becomes a lot slower. Is this correct? I have recently mostly filled an external hard drive till it was  95%+ full and left the C internal hard drive no more than 80% full. Does filling an external hard drive slow down one's computer or does this have no effect on PC performance?


Hi Geoff,

It can become slower since there are applications that will need temporary space and this will cause problems running them. You can try running the Disk Defragmenter (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools) and that should organize the drive contents. But in the end, if it's getting very close to 100% full, it's best to clear out any junk files. You can try running programs like CCleaner to clear out temporary folders and browser history to free up some space.

That is correct. Using the external hard drive and filling up the drive space will not have any impact on your PC performance.


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