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I am eventually going to be having storage-problems on my PC (windows 8.1). I have searched online for a free or paid software that allows one to compress my vlc video-files so that they take up much less space, while at the same time not sacrificing quality. So far, winrar etc. seem to only reduce video-files by  an average of 0.84%, while others such as the deepnut software I am currently using, seem to actually  increase the size! No doubt the latter happened because I chose to install at the highest quality setting.

Short of buying yet another external 4TB hard drive to store my multitude of vlc video files, is there some good paid software that can compress my many video-files in batches  to a much smaller size without compromising quality? Cloud-storage has awful reports about the sheer slowness of the data-transfer, usb sticks at 1TB or more are very rare and hideously expensive and CDs cannot store much data right now(700MB?). Any help appreciated! Geoff


Sadly the answer is no.  Digital video is extremely data intensive and takes up a LOT of space.  Almost all video formats out there are already using some form of compression.  Therefore, the only way to compress further is to affect the quality of the video itself.  There are lots of converters out there, but if they are shrinking the size of the files, they are affecting quality.  Now some are better than others and the impact on quality, but some loss is inevitable.

If you are willing to tolerate some minor loss, you may want to try Digital Media Converter

Otherwise, you can get 4TB drives for under $150 these days, making storage of large data relatively cheap.

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