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We have a normal size double storey house with brick siding at the bottom and wood siding at the top, In Indiana. We had a company come and give us an estimate on replacing windows. They proposed triple pane windows which even according to them are twice as heavy as our present double pane windows. We have 16 windows in all of various sizes. Recently we had a problem with our chimney leaning because of sinking foundation. Which got me wondering if it is advisable to add on such heavy windows to our house. Any insights you can provide on this would be appreciated,


Hello Vishal,

Yes you are correct triple pane windows are more heavy then dual pane. If the windows are not installed correctly and with the added weight of the triple pane glass this could add more stress to the home. I'm not sure what window brand you have had quoted,  but triple pane glass is a lot harder on the window hardware and depending on the window construction the window could be more prone to sagging. With Triple pane glass, it helps with the insulating value of the window. In a nut shell these insulating values help keep the cold/heat,  in or out to keep your home comfortable during the summer and winter.  But with today's glass technology if you get a dual pane window with a type of Low-E coating or a Heat Mirror product they can have around the same or better insulating value as a triple pane window without the extra weight.

Also I tell all of my customers when they are spending the money for new windows it is wise to get 3 quotes so you can compare price and quality of product. Also visit the showrooms of the windows dealers and ask to look at corner sections so you can see the construction of the window. I am a Hurd Window & Door Dealer in Colorado and we have been associated with Hurd for more than 20 years.  It is a very high quality and well constructed wood/clad window but they also have a very nice vinyl window called Superseal. You can go to click on menu and dealer locater and find the local Hurd Dealer near you. Hope this helps

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