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I have a home in a historic district. On my front entry door, the strike plate is loose mainly because the wood on the door frame behind it is chipped and rotted. Is there a way to repair this without replacing the door frame? If I'm unable to do this myself, who would I call to fix this? Seems like the doors and windows people will only install/fix the doors that I would have to purchase from them.

You can buy a product that turns rotten wood into a solid piece of wood again. There are many companies that sell the product. Here is one of them. Home Depot may sell something like this. I know Menards does. There is a liquid which is applied in one step. But I believe the 2 part epoxy works better. I used it many times when remodeling a home with rotten window sills. You should be able to do it yourself.
Another option is to cut out the rotten section and put a new solid wood in it's place. Then buy a door plate large enough to cover the new wood so it doesn't show. i have used one of those sleaves that go on the edge of the door that is sold as extra security against someone trying to break in.

Your last resort would be find a cabinet maker or a wood shop that makes custom wood items.  

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