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I have a question regarding waterproofing of wood in a bathroom shower. We currently have a window installed in the shower (although this is not ideal, this is typical of many bungalow houses built in the 1950's and up), the window has a nice thick oak wood trim which surrounds it providing a transition from the actual window to the tile installed on the walls of the shower.

The previous house owners had used some sort of water sealant, but over the last year and continued use of the shower the wood has seen its fair share of water.

Over time, whatever the previous owners had used as a sealant on the wood has worn away. We went down to Canadian Tire and purchased some sort of paint on water seal, but this did not do the trick and again overtime has warn off with water being able to get to the actual wood causing it to brown over time from the water.

Again, although a window is not ideal in a shower we are not planning to remove it. We are desperate for a recommendation of some sort of lacquer or water seal that will save the life of this wood over time.

You can use treated lumber for the window sills. You can replace the wood window with a vinyl window which should be inexpensive since it is small. As far as trim goes, you can buy the pre finished trim that is made of harden foam material instead of wood  

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