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If I have a house that was built before 1977 does the current CA Building Code allow the maximum sill height requirement for a bedroom egress window to be raised from 42 to 48 inches for a retrofit window that meets all other egress requirements.

We are using the existing window frame and installing a retrofit window in the exact same location (6 feet wide by 3 feet tall).  The existing sill height is 45.5 inches. The house was built before 1977.

Hi Art,

You will need to check with your local city building code department for the city's requirements.

You would not be able to raise the sill height.

For EGRESS: 5.7 sq ft of operable area. Example: Minimum height 24" clear height so width will need to be 34 1/4" clear with for an operable area of 5.7 SQ FT. Minimum width 20" clear width with then 41 1/8" clear height for an operable area of 5.7 SQ FT. Max sill height Off Finished Floor is 44" max (again you will need to check with your local building department for city's code as it can very form city to city). Remember that EGRESS is for a fire fighter to get into the room with all his/hers gear on, not so a person can get out.

Also in a lot of city's a permit is required when replacing windows - even in retro fit.

Each city requirements can be different so you will need to talk with you cities building inspector for your city's code requirements.

Also as your home is build in 1977 your home is also subject to the EPA Lead Base Paint Law. If you are hiring a company to install the windows for you they will need to be EPA Lead Base Paint Certified and will need to test for home for lead base paint.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

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(R&R Windows & Doors is not a City Building Code Department and all information is based on standard code requirements or requirements based on our city and is not be liable for any information given. R&R Windows & Doors and is not responsible for if any information given. Also building codes maybe different in one's own city code requirements. Each person is responsible for finding out code requirements in their own city by contacting their city's building department).  

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