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How can I make my entry doors & windows safer from burglars. There has been several burglaries in my neighborhood this month. I do not want to put any kind of decorative metal bars on my doors or windows.

You can buy a metal sleeve that fits right over the dead bolt and door handle that makes the door stronger. You can also use 3 or 4 inch screws to replace the small screws that hold the striker plate and dead bolt plate that is on the door frame. What this does is go into the double 2x4's that make up the rough opening for the doorway. With the metal sleeves and four screws going directly into the door frame, it will be very hard to kick in the door or use a crow bar to pry it open. As far as windows, you can buy window locks that allow windows to be open a little but not enough for someone to crawl through. I have seen wireless window alarms that screw or stick onto the window. Each alarm has a battery operated beeper built in.

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