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Hi Russell, we have a traditional colonial in an upscale town..  Exterior is stained cedar shingles.  About 5 years ago, we installed window shutters that I purchased from a big box store (pine shutters painted black).  The shutters now look horrible and are starting to fall apart.  They are just screwed in to the exterior, no mounting hardware.  I'd like to buy and have installed replacements, but clearly I made a mistake in the quality of the last shutters.  Do you have any recommendations on suppliers, manufacturers or material (fiberglass, composite, cedar, etc....)  Our home is south facing and gets a lot of sun, so I think the heat just backed and warped the pine shutters that are there!  We are in Connecticut.  Thanks so much!

Spanish Cedar is one of the best materials to make top of the line exterior window shutters. It has the name Cedar because of its Cedar like aroma. It is actually more like Mahogany or I should say in the Mahogany family. I have order top of the line shutters from Estate Millwork and have been very satisfied with their products.  

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