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entry door bottom
entry door bottom  

Hello Russell,
I have enclosed some photos, of my 2 door fixes-one is the outside entry door, what can I use to fill it at the bottom where it is rotting? My sliding glass door from patio to the house leaks inside during a rain storm. It has a metal slider on bottom. What can I do to stop the leaking?
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Since you didn't say what your entry door is made of....from the picture it looks like a steel door with wood in the middle. You can use Elmer's exterior wood putty on the wood section. Put in on, let dry to a hard surface and then sand it until smooth and even with the rest of the door. If any of the metal is rotted or rusted, you can use auto bondo. Do the same sanding until smooth. Prime the section you repaired and then paint to match the rest of the door.  If you have dents on either side of your metal entry door, automotive glazing putty works the best. It goes on easy and sands easy. But you will have to repaint the whole door if you do that.

Your slider patio door. It sounds like the rubber weather stripping that is usually in a slot or groove at the bottom of the door is either worn out, split or missing. The rubber strip should be between the bottom of the door and the threshold the door slides on. On some patio doors, the rubber weather stripping is between the silver metal that is in your photo and the bottom of the door frame. Home Depot, Lowes and Menards sell generic replacement weather stripping for sliding patio doors. Just cut it to fit your doors.

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