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QUESTION: My home owners ass only allows two window manufacturers. I am wondering if the two window builders are giving artificially high estimates.I had an estimate from another window fitter ( windows of similar quality/type ) for almost $10,000 less. Pella are the  windows I may go for. However, their price for twenty windows seems high. My question, what sort of profit are Pella making?

ANSWER: Are you saying the condo association is allowing only two brand of windows, Pella or Andersen for example..or are they also insisting on using only two window installers that they approve of? Yes, 10,000 sounds high. I would need to know what approximately what sizes. casement, sliders, single hung or double hung and if there are any arched windows. To save money, you can order Pella windows yourself and cut out the installers profit on that. Just get a half dozen estimates to install them.

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QUESTION: Yes the housing ass only allow Pella or Anderson windows to be fitted. I am not sure if we can have these windows fitted by another company, is that possible? Would the warranty be the same? Most or possibly all are double hung. I will have to check sizes of smaller windows. Nineteen windows, one large window, double size at 6' 6" x 7' 6"  
Two at 5' 6" x 6' 6"
The rest are single window of varying heights depending on room/level.

ANSWER: I don't need the exact sizes. Just as long as they are normal sized windows, which looks like that is what you have. There is no reason a "so called" authorized Pella or Andersen window dealer has to install your windows.  If the condo association president insists on that, then i have to wonder if he is getting a kick back from the installer. Installing new windows is one of the more easier jobs when remodeling a house. Any average carpenter can install them properly. I would go to Home Depot, Lowes or Menards with a list of your window sizes and get a price of just the cost of the windows. Then you can see exactly what they are really charging you for labor. Then call several carpenters form ads in local newspapers or even Craigslist and get a price on just installing the windows. I am certain you will find a few that will save you a lot of money on labor. I have laid off union carpenters who were making 35 to 45 an hour calling me often looking for work and willing to work for 15 and hour

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QUESTION: This is a statement from the window rep:-  
"In my experience in Timberidge with the price point we negotiated with the Timberidge board (as a result of one of your Board members going to high school with our owner) we are typically a lower cost and therefore a better value than the Renewal product".

So you could be right. Our President has just had to resign. I wont go into details but part of the reason is money.
I am not sure who to contact about buying Pella windows, as in cutting the middle man out. Perhaps the local hardware store.

Thank you once again for you help.

You can order them from Lowes. Not sure if they have what you want in stock, but here is an example of an average home Pella window price from their website. You can check the sizes and see if they have what you need in stock. if not, it really doesn't cost that much more to have windows made the exact size for your openings. You should be able to find a carpenter to install them for around a 100 a window. So compare costs with whoever you got prices from on you windows with that of Lowes. Same thing with the labor.

This is right off or Lowe's website:
ThermaStar by Pella Single Hung Window (Fits Rough Opening: 38-in x 48-in; Actual: 37-in x 47-in)
Rating 4 out of 5 stars(1 Reviews)

You can go to Lowes if they have the stores in your area or order them online from

That situation with the Condo Association president sounds a little fishy. Lets say with the bigger windows


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