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I am replacing the door knob on my front door, but I am not able to screw in the faceplate onto the side of the door. On the bottom, the hole for the assembly is so big that there is no wood to screw a screw into. On the top, the screw broke inside the wood as I was screwing it into the wood door. It is flush with the wood so there is no way to grasp it to get it out. So now I'm stuck with nothing but air to insert the bottom screw into and half of the post of a screw to screw the top screw into.

I should mention, too, that there isn't a whole lot of wood at the top. If I try to dig that screw out, I'll likely end up with air to insert a screw into on the top, too.

Hi Carol,

Here is what some of my installers have done when the wood is stripped out like that.

You will need to completely fill in the whole with a wood dowel or wood that is solid (it needs to be a very tight fit). Then use Bondo putty or wood putty over it (whatever you would like to use hold everything together, Bondo putty seems to work the best if you will be covering up the whole). Let it completely set up and dry. You many need to sand a little so its all smooth again then re-drill out your whole to the correct size for your screw.

Another option is to buy a handle set that has screw wholes in a different area (usually getting a longer face plate so the screw wholes are farther apart. Drill out new wholes for your size screws. Your longer face plate will cover up your old screw wholes.

When you go to put on your handle set DO NOT use a drill - screw it in by hand so you will not over-tighten and strip out or break the screw.  

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