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My kids have wrecked their sliding closet doors and I need to replace them. The tracks in the closet are intact and I'd like to just order a set of ready-to-hang doors but I have no idea if all sliding doors are standard or if I have to replace the tracks when I replace the doors. Would any set of correct-sized closet doors work or do I need to know specifically what type of track I've got so I can match the hardware? If so how do I determine what sort of track I have?

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All the sliding closet doors you can by at Home Depot, Lowes and Menards use the same standard track. Unless your home is very old, chances are you can use the existing track for the new doors. But, most of the new doors you can buy come with new track and hardware. The doors are pretty much all the same standard size. The only exception would be if someone trimmed the doors or cut them down a little to fit a closet opening that was built to a standard size.  

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