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Thumb Turn
Thumb Turn  

Outside of lock
Outside of lock  
My Thumb turn on my Mul T lock (Deadbolt) spins and does not grip to turn deadbolt. If I place my key from the outside the dead bolt turns and locks with no problems.
My local lock store said that the set key needs to be tightened with an allen wrench. This has not worked. He said the set pin has to be there or the thumb turn would of fallen off.
Any other ideas before I have the locksmith replace deadbolt.

I can not give you a good answer without actually seeing the lock in person. Is the set pin missing? These are expensive locks and they should last for years without any problems. The photos of your lock looks like it is not that old. The warranty is two years on Mul T Locks. Before you spend money on a locksmith to fix your lock, contact Mul T Lock and see what they say. If the Set Pin is broke or missing, they should send you one free of charge. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.  

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