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I have a 4 window double hung Andersen bay about 20 yrs old. When installed the contractor used cables for support. It is starting to sag on the right side (looking from outside). What is the best way to level it?

Hi Rich,

If the window has remained level for 20 years and just recently sagged it suggests that either the cable or cable mounting hardware has become broken or loosened.  Alternatively, structural damage from decay or termites may also result in the window sagging.  I urge you to ascertain if decay or insect damage is the cause of the problem and make repairs as needed.  

Disassembling the window trim and boxing will likely be required to diagnose the cause of the sagging.  Once the framing is exposed, repairing any structural damage will also provide adequate structural support to reattach any loose cable mounting hardware.  Once repairs are completed and the cables are properly attached the window can be leveled the same as when it was initially installed.

The addition of support brackets on the bottom of the window is another way to support and level a bay window, provided the braces are positioned in such a way as to take advantage of the vertical support members of the window jambs.  

I hope I have been of some help in this matter.

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